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The Company Laboratory

We're strategists, designers and technologists who have spent the last decade partnering with companies and individuals to productize dreams and create awesome experiences.

In our studio

New Startups

We work with dreamers as cofounders to design, launch, and grow early-stage companies from an idea on a napkin.

Young Companies

We integrate side by side with internal teams, assessing and evolving brand initiatives to set them up for their next stage of growth.

Established Brands

We partner with established brands as innovators-in-residence to transform old processes into new and exciting experiences.

The stuff we do best

Product Ideation & Scoping

Product/Market Assessment
Roadmap & Timeline
Design Sprint

Product Design

User Experience Design
User Interface Design

Mobile Development

React Native

Project Support

Project Management
Quality Assurance

Branding & Identity

Name & Logo
Brand Strategy

Web Development


Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning
Business Intelligence
Process Digitization


Our approach is iterative — we believe a product should deliver incremental value quickly so the market can decide where it fits.


Scrum is a development framework we use to put agile principles into practice. By breaking down the product vision into quickly executable sprints, we are able to continuously learn and adjust to constantly evolving requirements.

Design Thinking

Deeply understanding our users is core to how we solve problems. Our framework of empathizing, ideating and testing allows us to understand new ways of seeing, digesting, and solving problems so we aren’t clouded by old ways of thinking.

We help great companies build great products. Here’s how —


We extract key knowledge and requirements to ensure we’re bringing a product to market that either drives revenue growth, reduces costs or improves risk management.


We tailor every aspect of product experience, from color palettes to user interactions, to your unique audience profile so that the shoe not only fits, but looks amazing.


Our lean, cross disciplinary teams rapidly deploy iterative web and mobile solutions. In addition, artificial intelligence and machine learning are at the core of our ideology.


We heavily test early product versions in order to refine features and experience based on user feedback before scaling designs to support user growth and market adoption.  


Current Projects

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